24 HR Emergency Service

If your Air Conditioning or refrigeration system quits on a weekend or after business hours, you don’t want to have to wait to have it serviced. If your business depends on customer traffic you need your HVAC equipment repaired as quickly as possible. Houston North A/C understands you want, and deserve, quality service technicians working to repair your HVAC systems now! Not sometime later in the week, so we have technicians on stand-by 24-hours a day 7 days a week to take care of your emergency HVAC needs.

De-humidification Systems

Are you a retail store or warehouse needing to control the humidity in an area of your space? Houston North Air conditioning can install and service any size commercial De-humidification system to suit your space. We commonly work on Munters and 4-Season units, but can handle all manufactures designed to control humidity in large spaces.

Energy Management Systems

Energy management is a must these days and Houston North can help you with your energy management requirements.

You have a say in how much you have to pay each month for energy. HVAC Control Systems can save you between 30% and 40% off your heating and cooling costs each month. With federal tax deductions and utility company rebate and incentive programs you could realize a savings of up to 70% of your total project cost.

Evironmental Chambers

Houston North has a reputation for providing quality and timely repairs. If your system requires service at our repair facility we can often provide a rental chamber for your use while your equipment is repaired.

Like any other machine, after a certain amount of run time and usage, parts wear out and calibration becomes more unreliable. Houston North will repair, calibrate, and install environmental test equipment and low or ultra-low temperature refrigeration systems. We are proficient in cascade refrigeration and microprocessor controls. Some of the many brands of chambers we service are:

AEC – Bemco – Blue M – Despatch – Gruenberg – Lunaire – Tenney – Thermotron

Environmental Chamber Rentals

Do you have a temporary need for an environmental chamber? Why pay to purchase a chamber when you can arrange for a rental. Call us and we can set you up with a rental chamber for a fraction of the cost of owning.

Full Maintenance Programs

Wouldn’t it be great in this uncertain economy to be able to forecast how much your maintenance costs will be for the next year? We have just the program for you. Our Service Department will inspect and assess your HVAC-R equipment. We will determine options for you to consider and together we will create a plan just for you. You can be confident no unexpected costs will sidetrack your budget goals.

Honest and Reliable Service

When you have your HVAC equipment repaired you expect quality workmanship and quality parts. At Houston North Air Conditioning, Inc. we pride ourselves in diagnosing and repairing the problem correctly the “first time”. We warranty all our service for 90 days and we honor the warranty period for all manufactured parts.

HVAC Installations

Whether you are putting in a split system, package unit, or cooling tower Houston North Air Conditioning provides quality installations. With over 30 years experience in the commercial HVAC field we can help you with your equipment selections and installations so you won’t waste time or money.

Inspection Programs

Not looking for Full Maintenance but still want to be able to minimize unexpected maintenance costs? A Houston North Air Conditioning Inspection Program may be just what you need. We can set up an inspection schedule and create an inspection program designed around your specific needs. Changing filters and tightening loose belts on a regular basis will minimize your operating costs. Diagnosing probable failures and taking corrective action before the trouble becomes catastrophic can save you thousands in repair bills.


We service and install all types of refrigeration equipment, walk-ins, reach-ins, and rack systems

Our Construction Department specializes in installing refrigeration systems for grocery stores. We install most major brands of refrigerated cases including island cases and walk-in coolers and freezers.
From bid to warranty conclusion our construction teams work with you to make sure your project is completed in a timely fashion and designed for your needs.
Construction oversight is done by our Company President, Acie Dickerson. Call him today to have us bid on your project. (713) 692-7702

Wine Cellars

There are six basic issues to consider when having a wine cellar; temperature, humidity, degree of light, vibration; storage angle and cleanliness. The most important of these factors is temperature. 41 to 64 degrees Ferinheit is considered an acceptable range with 55~58 degrees being the ideal. Also to be considered is the rate of temperature changes within the range. Wine tends to age quicker at the higher temperatures than at lower temps, but if the swing is too rapid it will cause the wine to expand and contract within the bottle and eventually cause it to “weep” around the cork. The next most important factor is humidity. A 70% humidity is ideal with 50~80 percent being acceptable. Too much humidity and the labels will deteriorate, too little and the cork will dry out and allow air into the bottle. It is important that the wine cellar have a proper “vapor barrier protection” to control the condensation that can be created by the high humidity and low temperature environment. Lighting can affect wine also. Ultraviolet light can penetrate even dark green glass and cause premature aging of wine. Sparkling and white wines are very easily damaged by light. Excessive vibration can damage wine, especially the sediments in red wine. Keeping your wine cellar clean and free from smells and bacteria will also help protect the integrity and value of your wine. Of course if you cannot build or create your very own wine cellar, the next best thing is the wine cabinet. Wine cabinets come in all sizes and shapes.

Houston North Air Conditioning and Refrigeration has been in the refrigeration service industry for over 35 years. With 24hour, 7days a week emergency service and trained technicians, Houston North is the company to call when your wine cooling system isn’t operating as it should. To ensure proper year-round function, call us for a full-maintenance or inspection program estimate today.