Acie Dickerson, Donna Harness, Bob Torgan, Don Johnson

Houston North Air Conditioning, Inc. is a commercial industry service and construction corporation. The company was established in 1979 and incorporated in 1981. We have more than 33 years experience providing quality 24-hour service on all major brands of equipment. We are licensed in Texas and several other states as well. Our corporate headquarters is located in Houston, Texas.

Houston North Air Conditioning, Inc.
PO Box 16008
Houston, TX 77222-6008
713.692.1311 fax
TACLA 000524C

Our goal at Houston North is to maintain a high standard of craftsmanship and stay in step with the newest technologies that enable us to provide our customers with optimum solutions for cost and operation efficiency. We strive to continually train and develop skills and to exercise a level of commitment which allows us to do the best job possible, whether we are servicing or maintaining a large institutional chill water plant, a complex refrigeration system or providing companies with a stable and comfortable work environment.

The bulk of our operations involves building and servicing commercial freezer and refrigeration systems for grocery store chains, servicing and maintaining chill water systems for apartment and commercial complexes, electrical lighting and systems upgrades for warehouses and chain stores. We also service environmental chamber ovens. In the past few years our Electrical Division has gone green and is specializing in energy efficient lighting remedies for commercial properties. If your company has a need for saving money on maintenance or lighting, call us at 713-692-7702.